Nouvelle Planète supports small, efficient and effective projects, which have been proposed by our local partner groups.

Themes and Examples of projects

The projects have the following characteristics:

  • The projects aim at meeting the basic needs of disadvantaged people in poor regions. Special attention is given to the promotion of women and ethnic minorities. Moreover, the projects have a positive impact on the environment.
  • The projects are proposed by local partner organizations with whom Nouvelle Planète  collaborates. The local actors are not replaced by employees of Nouvelle Planète and each project belongs to those who benefit from the support.
  • The projects are suggested by established groups, not individuals.
  • They rely on local skill and knowledge and are driven by the initiative of the concerned population. Where possible, all the material used will be sourced locally.
  • The local population shall, according to their means, contribute financially, materially and/or through their workforce to the project.
  • Each project should become autonomous and self-sufficient as soon as possible. Running costs and remuneration of partner organizations shall not be funded
  • The Intervention Strategy, defined for each country, establishes the framework of all projects.
  • All projects can be monitored and evaluated long-term and their impact is continues to be measured.
  • The projects conform to the Statutes and Charter of Nouvelle Planète.

The projects are mainly in four areas:

Support of Children and Young People


Care, Education and Training
Schooling and Professional Training are the basis for all development. Nouvelle Planète supports time-limited projects in this sector. The long-term operation of the  institutions is the responsibility of the local organizations.

  • Support of drop-in centres for children living in the streets,
  • Support of orphanages,
  • Support of centres that care for hearing, speech or vision impaired children,
  • Support of primary education through school construction,
  • Support of professional training,
  • Improving adult literacy,
  • Training of girls and mothers,
  • Support of bilingual and intercultural education in order to value local and ancestral knowledge.

Examples of projects

  • Construction of 3 primary school classrooms in Let Pan Te, Myanmar, Burma: CHF 29'100.-
  • Construction of two classrooms for the professional school in Acha, Cameroon: CHF 55'800.-
  • Construction of a highschool in Andonaka, Madagascar : CHF 40'780.-
  • Training of instructors in the Peruvian rainforest in Iquitos in order to develop the bilingual and intercultural education for the indigenous population: CHF 90'000.-

Supporting organized women and villagers

Improving adult literacy, handicrafts, microcredits, water, food security
The support projects initiated by local women's groups or organized villagers allow to improve the situation of the population of the whole village and to reduce rural exodus.

  • Starting handicraft workshops or other income generating activities such as the production of soap, hairdressing, tailoring, animal husbandry or cereal mills.
  • Supporting sensitization on Family Planning,
  • Setting up microcredit schemes that allow women to improve their income through an investment such as a donkey to pull a plough or cart,
  • Support of Early Childhood programmes of local women's organizations regarding health and nutrition
  • Food security (Cereal banks, vegetable gardens, etc.)
  • Improving drinking water access and irrigation systems

Examples of projects:

  • Installation of a Cashew Nut Transformation Unit in Simbandi Balante, Senegal: CHF 35'000.-
  • Equipping women of villages in the North of Burkina Faso with a donkey: CHF 200.- par femme
  • Construction of a centre for adult literacy in Bagayalogho, Burkina Faso : CHF 9'940.-
  • Digging an irrigation canal in Desarmes, Haïti : CHF 35'360.-
  • Equipping schools with water tanks in Nindye, Ouganda : CHF 42'500.-
  • Installation of a water supply system in Amparihy, Madagascar : CHF 19'500.-

Environmental protection

Training, renewable energies and reforestation
The promotion of simple sustainable technology as suggested by our local partners (such as solar energy and biogas) combined with a sustained effort of reforestation and preservation of forests enables the improvement of the standard of living of the population and fights climate change.

  • Support the fight of the indigenous communities of the Amazon rainforest in order to protect vast forest areas, etc.
  • Promotion of organic farming
  • Fight against desertification and recover some infertile land in the Sahel region,
  • Tree nurseries, reforestation and revitalisation of mangrove forests,
  • Training of local technicians for the construction of solar technology (solar water heaters, fruit and vegetable dryers, water pumps)
  • Promote the use of sustainable technology and renewable energy

Examples of projects:

  • Protection of the forest in the Tigre valley in the Peruvian rainforest : CHF 75'700.-
  • Recovering 60 ha of land to make it fertile again in Rim, Burkina Faso : CHF 15'270.-
  • Construction of a solar battery recharge station in Tanguiga, Burkina Faso : CHF 28'600.-
  • Construction of biogas installations in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam : CHF 25'200.-

Health and Support of Physically and Mentally Disabled People

Nutrition, Prevention and Care
The sick, physically and mentally disabled are often left on their own in the Global South. Nouvelle Planète supports some projects that focus specifically on them:  

  • Fight against leprosy,
  • Sensitization to prevent communicable diseases, such as HIV/AIDS
  • Equipping centres for physically disabled with prothesis,
  • Support the education of hearing, speech or vision impaired children,
  • Development of traditional medicine (medicinal plants, acupuncture, etc.)
  • Construction or renovation of health centres in the villages

Examples of projects:

  • Construction of a Traditional Health Centre using medicinal plants in Trung Nghia, Vietnam : CHF 26'200.-
  • Construction of a school for hearing and vision impaired children in Anandwan, India : CHF 160'720.-
  • Construction of a maternity clinic in Kamakaloat, Mynamar : CHF 28'240.-
  • Construction of a Village Health Centre in Diassoum, Senegal : CHF 26'600.-